Salt (X.07)

Legal Basis

  1. Regulation of the Minister of Trade of the Republic of Indonesia No 63 Of 2019 Concerning Provisions For Import of Salt;


The Scope VPTI will be covering any data and information related to :

  1. Country of origin and port of loading;
  2. Specifications;
  3. Type and Volume of salt;
  4. Post tariff and volume of salt;
  5. Time of shipment; and
  6. Port of destination.

VPTI Application

Importers, being the subject of concerned Regulation, may applied to KSO Sucofindo - Surveyor Indonesia (KSO SCISI) for Import Verification Program (VPTI) by online.
For further inquiries about VPTI, we provide call-center at 1500576 and e-mail in

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