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Fishery Products

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Fishery Products (X.42)


As a response to the implementation of Article 8 letter b in Government Regulation No. 9 year 2018 regarding :

  1. Procedures of control for importation of Fishery Products and Salted-Industry Commodities in the purpose of Raw Material and Industrial-Support Material, and

  2. To encourage the improvement of national competitiveness and provide certainty in the import of Fishery Products;

    it is necessary to stipulate the provisions on import of Fishery Products;

Legal Basis

  1. Regulation of Ministry of Trade No 66 Year 2018 about Provisions of Fishery Products importation, stipulated at May 24, 2018;
  2. Decree of Ministry of Trade No 864 Year 2018 about Appointment of Surveyor as the conductor for Fishery Products Import Verification Program (VPTI), stipulated at July 9, 2018;


The scope VPTI will be covering any data and information related to :
a. Health Certificate for Fish and Fishery Products, which had been signed by Officials or Authorized in Charge in the country of origin of goods, for whom are required;
b. Data or information according to the stipulated regulation (UU No. 07 Year 2016 and PP No. 09 year 2018) which includes :
  1. Port of Discharge;
  2. Type and Volume
  3. Estimated Time of Arrival
  4. Administrative fulfilment, and
  5. Quality Standards;

VPTI Application

Importers, being the subject of concerned Regulation, may applied to KSO Sucofindo - Surveyor Indonesia (KSO SCISI) for Import Verification Program (VPTI) by preparing :
  1. The general requirements needed and the supporting documents related to the importation of Fishery Products, will be guided in VPTI Guide to Fishery Products Importation (download link below);
  2. KSO SCISI has been providing VPTI-Online feature as a form of quick access to All VPTI users (VPTI-Online link below)
  3. For further inquiries about VPTI, we provide call-center at 1500576 and e-mail in cs_kso@scisi.com;
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1a. Peraturan Menteri Perdagangan RI NO : 66 Tahun 2018
     Last update: 13 Jul 2018 09:37:45
2b. Keputusan Menteri Perdagangan RI No. 864 Tahun 2018
     Last update: 13 Jul 2018 09:39:01
3c. Ketentuan Verifikasi Atau Penelusuran Teknis Impor (VPTI) Hasil Perikanan
     Last update: 13 Jul 2018 09:43:19