Tobacco (X.38)

Legal Basis

  1. Regulation of the Minister of Trade of the Republic of Indonesia No 84 Year 2017 on Imports of Tobacco.


The scope VPTI will be covering any data and information related to :

  1. Name and address of the importer;
  2. Types of goods and goods quantity;
  3. Description of goods and tariff heading / HS;
  4. Goods specification;
  5. Country of origin and port loading;
  6. Estimated Time of Departure; and
  7. Destination port.

VPTI Application

Importers, being the subject of concerned Regulation, may applied to KSO Sucofindo - Surveyor Indonesia (KSO SCISI) for Import Verification Program (VPTI) by Online.
For further inquiries about VPTI, we provide call-center at 1500576 and e-mail in

No. File Name Download
1a. Peraturan Menteri Perdagangan RI NO : 84 Tahun 2017